Monday, November 16, 2015

And then, there was no blasphemous filtering service ever produced in Pakistan which could block the inappropriate content available on YouTube that offends millions of Muslims living in the country; PTA resolves the issue by taking the whole website down - YouTube closed.

It started with a ban and ended with a block.  Alphabetically speaking, in our national list, YouTube has been Pakistan's least lowest educational priority; whose debate has always stayed off the rooms of any important meeting's concern. Why bother? The authorities are bored and unblocking it is something which seems not important to them any longer. Also, our brains are getting blocked like YouTube in Pakistan.

So, what if we cannot afford to have blasphemous filtering services for Pakistan? Being true Muslims we all have firewalls of our own in our minds; which keeps our beliefs of faith and religion intact.

What harm would YouTube unblocking could possibly do? What's the damage of unblocking YouTube I reckon, people in Pakistan are accessing it in its original form: blasphemy unfiltered. Our millions of nationals are already accessing it by bypassing firewalls and DNS tampering, yet they don't feel guilt for using their own authority over PTA's and rejecting their internet control.

Restore the Access

Blocking YouTube is an act of International disconnection. YouTube Headquarters, United States, must come up with some blasphemous filter solutions with Government of Pakistan to restore its access. Prolonged ban on YouTube for Pakistan is an information blackout for researchers and students. It's an educational programme which session arrives blocked in Pakistan. Telecommunication authorities must be praised that the Internet is still accessible, and what is left of it. Imagine the day when internet is blocked, following our minds too.

 The Genius Group

Those, who think of themselves smart and feel idiotically superior; who work their way around YouTube by DNS tampering and take pride in accessing the restricted area. If one did not do anything wrong then why does PTA has put a ban on YouTube, and every-time one visits YouTube, guilt gets them and it feels like something that we did is not right.  If this isn't psychic harassment by the authorities then what it is actually which leaves permanent prints of guilt in our subliminal consciousness which will haunt us sub-consciously when we wouldn't know it.

Double Standards

Some cellular & Internet Providers are allowing seamless streaming to YouTube when PTA has restricted and given them clear instructions not to run it on their list.

The one thing which the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority ignore, is, everyone is accessing YouTube when no one should go there or do their way around. Does that means that no one respects the idea telecommunication authorities have? Or it's just that people would get what they need to get done.

Our Natural Style

Agree then disagree. These double standards are the lives we actually live in Pakistan; ban the YouTube then access it through bypassing the great firewalls of PTA. We the citizens of this nation have all this hypocritic style to say 'No' to one thing then admit saying 'Yes' to the other.

YouTube Re-entry

Our nation must understand the educational properties which YouTube has, and the unblocked access of its privilege. It's for us to avail YouTube, if we don't get it then, it still don't matter, the world will not stop moving; Sun rises the same time it does everyday.

Thank-you for reading. Cheers!